Police warn to be safe on the roads despite a potentially slow Memorial Day weekend

Even though there might not be many cars on the road this weekend, police are still concerned and have a warning for drivers this Memorial Day weekend.

“We just ask people, please, all of us are in this together,” said Sgt. Matthew Bottone with the Monroe County Sheriffs Office. “We all have been quarantined, we all want to get out, we all want to enjoy, we need to do that smartly.  And it’s not only with the social distancing, but it’s also with the way we drive. I know sometimes people are, from being pent up, we have to be courteous to the other people on the roadway with us.”

There’s been a new wave of distractions behind the wheel because of COVID-19, according to Elizabeth Carey with AAA Western and Central New York.

“I mean think about it, we have facemasks, we have hand sanitizer, we have gloves we have the cords to listen to a podcast positively we have our phones so there’s more distractions behind the wheel,” Carey said.

AAA representatives believe this Memorial Day weekend travel will be at a record low, but there could still be accidents — so they urge against distracted driving.

“As we know, fewer people will hit the road this Memorial Day compared to years past for what is considered the unofficial to start to the travel season,” said Tony Spada with AAA.  “The New York stay at home order is still in effect we have nice weather in the forecast so we know and we found out throughout this pandemic that people tend to venture out when the weather warms up.”

This is the first time in 20 years that AAA will not issue a Memorial Day travel forecast.


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