Tyga Goes Dembow On El Alfa’s “Trap Pea”

El Alfa tags Tyga for his latest single, “Trap Pea.”


Tyga‘s been doling out features like crazy over the past year or so. Ever since he had his “major comeback” with “Taste,” it feels like just about everyone has been on his line asking for a feature, and apparently, he agrees each time. He’s assisted on some major tracks this year while also providing a guest feature for buzzing artists while also expanding beyond just hip-hop and R&B.

Dominican dembow artist El Alfa returned with a brand new single earlier today and called on Tyga for some assistance. The pair link up on their new single, “Trap Pea.” While El Alfa handles the entirety of his parts in Spanish, Tyga comes through with a twerk-filled verse with an effortless flow.

Check out their new track below.

Quotable Lyrics
Bounce on my lap, make it clap go nasty
Leave in the Bentley, fuck her in the backseat
Stunt like a rapper and I ball like an athlete
Only one me, all these bitches can’t have me

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